Architectural Glass

Safety & security

Saint-Gobain Glass offers a range of glass that provides the safety of goods and people. Its strength lies in its ability to offer comprehensive solutions which combine multifunction versatility and the aesthetic appeal of modern architecture.
There are two glass types available to protect against the risk of injury. The choice is made depending on where and how the glazing is being used.
Tempered safety glass has undergone a heat treatment to increase its overall strength.  Generally it is 5 times stronger than normal glass.
Laminated safety glass comprises two pieces of glass held together by one or several plastic films.  In the effect of breakage or impact, these films hold the glass in place. The glass still breaks into pieces, but they remain adhered to the film(s).
This laminated glass comprises one or more pieces of glass held together by several clear, plastic films. If the glass is broken, the glazing remains in place as the fragments of glass adhere to the plastic films. In the event of attempted break in this will prevent or slow down entry.
Saint-Gobain has been developing the best fire protection glass solutions.
Two techniques are used:

  • Tempered safety glass with or without a heat reflective coating
  • Tempered or laminated glass with translucent intumescent gels: in the event of fire, the gel becomes opaque delaying the heat propagation to the opposite side of the fire