SGG VIEWCLEAR® II is a glass designed to significantly reduce the number of external condensation days impacting upon an insulating glazing unit. It can be combined with many other high performance low-E products fromthe Saint-Gobain Glass range to deliver best in class Window Energy Ratings performance and comfort.
SGG VIEWCLEAR® II maintains clear and neutral asthetics in both transmission and reflection,
and maximises the entry of natural light into the building. It is also designed for ease of processing and edge-deletion is NOT required.


As legislation has evolved, the demands on thermal performance of windows continues to increase. This, combined with innovations such as triple glazing, present the industry with a challenge – how to deliver windows with exceptional thermal performance without compromising the view – impacted by the build of condensation on the exterior pane of glass. Now, there is a unique solution, SGG VIEWCLEAR® II.

Product Application

Combined with SGG PLANITHERM® products, SGG VIEWCLEAR® II offers excellent thermal insulation and anti-condensation performance for a range of applications including:
- Windows and skylights
- Conservatories
- Roof windows
- Façades and large area windows
- Structural glazing
- Overhead glazing


SGG VIEWCLEAR® II is a neutral anti-condensation solution which combats the buildup of condensation – ensuring glass retains its most fundamental function – its clarity and transparency.
- SGG VIEWCLEAR® is unique – and being best in class for WERS.
- Clear and neutral aesthetics in both transmission and reflection.
- Maximises entry of natural daylight.
- In triple glazing, condensation can be present more than 100 days per year (depending on local temperature and humidity conditions). SGG VIEWCLEAR® II can significantly reduce this impact to just a few days per year.


SGG VIEWCLEAR® II is available in 6000mm x 3210mm dimensions in 4mm thickness.


Processing Capabilities

SGG VIEWCLEAR® II must be tempered to activate the coating. This coating is suitable for use in both double and triple glazing units, positioned on face 1. Edge deletion is NOT required. The coating is highly durable, enabling ease of processing.

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