Product Application

SGG TIMELESS® was developed in particular for applications in showers and is characterized by its ease of cleaning and its anti-corrosion effect.


-High degree of transparency and neutral appearance: SGG  TIMELESS® consists of a very clear glass, SGG PLANICLEAR®, to which a virtually invisible coating is applied. SGG  Timeless® is therefore very transparent and does not alter colour perception, irrespective of the thickness of the glass.

-Lasting brilliance: Day in, day out, the glass is protected against corrosion. It does not become whitish and maintains its attractive appearance.

-Easy to clean: Water slips over the surface of the glass, which limits limescale deposits and marks. Any residual marks clean off more easily than on non-treated glass.

-High-durability treatment: SGG TIMELESS® is obtained by magnetron deposition of a coating of metal oxides. This treatment lasts over time without losing its effectiveness, and can withstand all types of industrial processing.



SGG TIMELESS® is available on clear glass, SGG PLANICLEAR® in 4, 6, 8 and 10mm in the dimensions 3210 mm x 6000 mm. Other standard glasses ( SGG DIAMANT® and SGG PARSOL®) and sizes are available on request.


SGG TIMELESS® is a glass treated on one face. It is a « to be tempered » product: tempering is mandatory in order to obtain its final properties. The SGG TIMELESS® coating is virtually invisible. To identify the treated face of the glass, it is recommended to identify the tin side of the glass (using a detector or UV lamp). SGG TIMELESS® treatment is always deposited on the face opposite the tin side (on the atmosphere face). So as to identify the two sides of the glass, it is advisable to apply a semi-adhesive sticker on the tin side of the glass (non-treated face).

Standards and Regulation

SGG TIMELESS® complies with the following standards:

- EN 14428 : « Shower enclosures

- Functional requirements and test methods »

- EN 1096 (class A) : « Glass in building – Coated glass »

Processing Capabilities

The product can withstand the main types of glass processing under the conditions generally used for float glass. SGG TIMELESS® can be cut, edgeworked and toughened. It can also be curved with radii up to 1 meter (tests must be carried out for smaller radii). SGG TIMELESS® can be screen-printed on either face. It can be laminated, provided that the glass has been toughened first and that the coating is on the exterior.

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