SGG PLANITHERM is our Saint-Gobain Glass range of high performance low-emissivity products, incorporating the very latest advancements in thermally insulation glass coating technology.

Renowned for its extremely neutral appearance, SGG PLANITHERM very effectively reflects long-wave heat radiation back into a room, thereby minimizing heat loss through a window while also maximizing solar heat gain and natural light transmission.

A combination of microscopically thin multiple metal oxide layers are applied to high quality SGG PLANILUX clear float glass using a magnetically enhanced cathodic sputtering process under vacuum conditions.

Depending on the composition of these transparent coating layers, several different products can be produced, distinguishable but the thermal performance, spectrophotometric values and processing characteristics.


Product Application

SGG PLANITHERM is designed for use in all double glazing applications, in all frame types for both new-build and replacement markets:

  • Windows and skylights in residential buildings and private domestic housing
  • Conservatories and patio doors
  • Windows and façades of non-residential buildings



Enhanced thermal insulation

A double glazed unit incorporating SGG PLANITHERM is up to 3 times thermally efficient than an ordinary double-glazed unit and offers significantly better thermal insulation compared to traditional hard coated low-E products:

  • Considerable reductions in heating bills
  • Reduces condensation on the inner pane
  • Improved comfort with less drafts and cold spots near glazed areas
  • Environmentally friendly solution, given the lower CO2 emissions associated with reduced energy consumption
  • Facilitates compliance with building regulations for a wider range of frame designs

Neutral appearance

The new generation Planitherm coatings are remarkably neutral in both transmission and reflection as opposed to traditional hard coated low-E products which typically have yellow/brown tint.

Exceptional Clarity

The SGG PLANITHERM range offers a high level of light transmittance, maximizing the entry of natural daylight into the building. These types of coatings also benefit from a lack of the “haze effect” commonly associated with hard coated products.



  • Monotlithic glass

All SGG PLANITHERM products are available in the following standard thicknesses and dimensions:


Thickness Standard sizes
4-6-8-10 mm 6000x3210 mm 
2550x3210 mm
2550x3210 mm
  • Double-glazing

The SGG PLANITHERM range can be combined with many other Saint-Gobain products, permitting a multitude of high performance, multi-functional glazing options including:

  • Self-cleaning and / or solar control glazing
  • Acoustic insulation
  • Safety and security
  • Obscured and / or decorative glazing




The most appropriate method for installing and assembling double-glazing depends on several factors, including: the size of the glass, exposure to external stresses and the type of frame or façade system.

The installation and fixing techniques that are used for the glass must conform to the recommendations of current national standards and regulations.

The positioning and fixing of the glass, the dimensions of channels and the permitted deflection for the frames for double glazed units are not specific to SGG PLANITHERM products.


The glass must be toughened if the glass units is installed between 2 zones with a temperature difference exceeding certain critical values. Changes in glass temperature are influenced by a number of factors including: climatic conditions, height of the channels, shadows cast from a neighbouring building, the proximity of a heat source or the use of blackout blinds.


Processing Capabilities

Assembly into double-glazed units:

  • All SGG PLANITHERM coatings must be edge-deleted
  • The coating is always located on the inside of the unit facing the cavity (face 2 or 3)

Laminated glass

  • All products in the SGG PLANITHERM range can be laminated
  • The coating must always be located on the outside of the laminated glass
  • The glass cannot be laminated if the coating is in contact with the PVB
  • In all cases, the designer and client must approve the possible aesthetic differences between laminated SGG PLANITHERM products and standard SGG PLANITHERM products


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