TEX GLASS, a fusion of materials and ideas, is a line of decorative laminated glassware with fabrics built in. After the extra-white SGG DIAMANT glass is washed, it is conveyed to the assembly room. First of all, an interlayer film is applied to one of the sheets, and then the selected fabric is placed on this interlayer fi lm. A second interlayer fi lm and then the second sheet of glass encapsulate the fabric. The assembly thus produced is then autoclaved at high temperature to produce high quality decorative glassware. The layered films used filter out 99% of the ultraviolet light, thus protecting the colours.


Product Application

• Interior use:

- doors;

- partitions;

- flooring flags, staircase steps;

- balustrades;

- display windows;

- tables, desks, bookshelves.



  • The Pure Perfection line by NYA NORDISKA, fabrics editor, brings together a series of natural, earthtone colours: champagne white, sand, coffee, in woody shades or again colours borrowed from mineral materials.
  • These clean-line motifs create an atmosphere of calm and serenity. This line of textiles, an oasis of peace in our technological world, evokes sensuality, pure beauty and refinement in the art of textiles.
  • The extra-clear SGG DIAMANT glass allows the purity, relief and refinement of the fabrics to be preserved.
  • Glass products of the TEX GLASS series, as they structure your spaces, are thus able to melt in the harmony of the colours and materials used for interior decoration.
  • Depending on the fabric used, you will achieve a greater or lesser filtering effect of natural light, offering you intimacy and well being.
  • The fabrics built into the glass are protected from UV to a level of over 99%, thanks to the layered films.
  • Models with a free border are available for damp zones. We recommend classical glazing with a frame.



Min. dimensions: 200 mm x 300 mm.

Exists in 21 motifs (see related brochure).


Processing Capabilities

The TEX GLASS line can be manufactured in float glass (PLANILUX), hardened glass (PLANIDUR) or safety toughened glass (SECURIT). In the case of PLANIDUR or SECURIT, borings of up to 50 mm are also possible.

The borders of TEX GLASS glassware are finished after the glass has been, assembled, except in the case of toughened glass.


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