SGG PLANILAQUE STADIP is composed of two lacquered sheets of glass opaque and coloured in appearance thanks to the coating and curing of a layer of high performance lacquer, on the back of each sheet. The two lacquered sheets are then assembled using a PVB (polyvinyl butyral) film. SGG  PLANILAQUE STADIP is made by Saint-Gobain Glass and benefits from the Group’s manufacturing expertise.


Product Application

SGG PLANILAQUE STADIP is a dual lacquered laminated safety glass. The combination of stylish, dual lacquered glass and safety performance (classified 2B2 according to standard EN12600) make SGG  PLANILAQUE STADIP an ideal product for partition walls and interior doors.

SGG PLANILAQUE STADIP elegantly structures all interior spaces, illuminating the living environment.

Installed full height and in their lighter shades, the SGG  PLANILAQUE STADIP walls and doors become ideal writing boards.

SGG PLANILAQUE STADIP is also suited for furniture, interior separations, privacy screens and sliding doors.



  • Double-sided: it is designed to be visible from both sides
  • At the same time partition and writing board, it saves space in meeting rooms
  • Totally opaque, the glass gleams under light, meeting today’s design inspirations
  • Safe in case of breakage: the fragments remain stuck to the PVB interlayer in accordance with standard EN12600
  • Durable finish: the lacquer used on the two panes is in contact with the PVB which protects it from damage and ensures appearance durability
  • Suitable for all interior rooms including bathrooms and kitchens



  • Thickness: 66.2
  • Dimension: 3210 x 2550mm
  • Colours: 2-sided almond green, 2-sided ultra white, 2-sided ultra black
  • Other compositions, dimensions and colours are available on demand.


Standards and Regulation

SGG PLANILAQUE STADIP complies with EN12543 and EN14449 standards and bears a CE marking.

SGG PLANILAQUE STADIP 66.2 is classified 2B2 according to standard EN12600 (impact test). Certification pending.


Processing Capabilities

SGG PLANILAQUE STADIP is cut, shaped and drilled like laminated glass of a similar composition. When cutting, the glass should be positioned on a clean table to avoid scratches. To customize SGG PLANILAQUE STADIP, a decorative pattern or logo may be sandblasted or silkscreen-printed on the sides of the glass.


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