SGG EMALIT EVOLUTION and SGG SERALIT EVOLUTION are toughened glasses, as specified in standard EN 12150.

  • SGG EMALIT EVOLUTION is an opaque coloured glass, obtained by uniformly depositing a layer of enamel on one side of the glass
  • SGG SERALIT EVOLUTION is a colour patterned glass. It is produced by depositing an enamel pattern to one side of the glass, through a textile screen.

The new enamels are of the same nature as the glass itself. They are lead-free, and contain no cadmium, lithium, mercury or chrome VI *. They are fired at very high temperature, a process which simultaneously toughens the glass. The enamels are completely integrated into the surface of the glass, giving the decoration exceptional durability and total stability over time.

* < 1.000 ppm in the enamel


Product Application

The aesthetics and technical characteristics of EMALIT EVOLUTION and SERALIT EVOLUTION mean the products are suitable for a wide range of applications. Their aesthetic appeal, range of colours, durability and safety features mean that they are the obvious materials of choice for facades, street furniture and the interior décor buildings.



Non-vision areas: EMALIT EVOLUTION is the ideal material for façade cladding, creating aesthetically clean lines. The product is often used for ventilated rain screen systems and spandrel panels. Uniform facades or contrasting features can be created.

Vision areas:

  • SERALIT EVOLUTION, when laminated, can be used for guarding, roofing elements and footbridges, combining various patterns and colours.
  • SERALIT EVOLUTION when assembled into double glazing combines aesthetics and functionality. It can allow good visibility from the interior to the exterior and offers some protection from glare.


  • SGG EMALIT EVOLUTION can also be used in internal applications (wall panelling, furniture, laboratories etc) where exceptional resistance to humidity is required.
  • SGG SERALIT EVOLUTION can be used in doors, partitions, guarding, balustrades, shower screens and furniture (table tops, display cabinets, shelving, cupboard doors, etc). The glass allows the natural transmission of light and provides considerable added value in terms of aesthetics and safety.

Street furniture

  • Thanks to the durability and safe breakage characteristics of the glass, SGG SERALIT EVOLUTION can be used in bus shelters, information panels, advertising boards, etc.



  • Environmentally-friendly: lead and cadmium-free manufacturing process
  • Exceptional durability and safety
  • EMALIT EVOLUTION: fully coloured facades
  • SERALIT EVOLUTION: design and functionality




Thickness (mm) Dimensions max (mm)
4-5 Consult us Consult us
6 3300x200 2440x3660
8 3300x2100 2440x3660
10-12 3600x2100 2440x4500


* For other dimensions, please contact us.



Two products ranges to create different effects:

  • EMALIT EVOLUTION CLASSIC: palette of 18 standards shades applied to clear float glass SGG PLANILUX, extra clear glass SGG DIAMANT, tinted glass SGG PARSOL
  • EMALIT EVOLUTION REFLET: three shades providing the reflective effect of a solar-control glass such as SGG ANTELIO or SGG COOL-LITE ST 150


Opaque and brilliant, SERALIT EVOLUTION COLOR can be produced in the 18 standards shades of the EMALIT EVOLUTION CLASSIC range SERALIT EVOLUTION COLOR is manufactured on:

  • extra clear SGG DIAMANT
  • tinted SGG PARSOL
  • SGG ANTELIO, SGG COOL-LITE K, SK and ST 150 solar control glass

Bespoke colors are possible with EMALIT EVOLUTION and SERALIT EVOLUTION. Bespoke designs are also possible for SERALIT EVOLUTION.



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