The CLIP-IN DOOR is a door fitted with a revolutionary, patented hinge which is fixed to the glass in such a way as to be practically ‘invisible’. No holes need to be bored into the glass – the secret is a groove cut into the pane sufficiently deep to allow the CLIP-IN DOOR to be fitted. Fine crafting and ergonomics are the strong pints of this patented doubly innovative creation: glass and hinge.


Product Application

  • Divided doors
  • Shower doors
  • Shower screens
  • Shower walls



There are many benefits of using CLIP-IN doors and hinges:

  • The sleek, unobtrusive hinge design gives new sophistication to glass doors
  • The hinge is factory-fitted, meaning on-site installation time is greatly reduced
  • Sound insulation is noticeably improved compared to traditional glass doors, thanks to the method of fixing the hinge to the glass and the overall hinge design
  • The hinge has also been designed to eliminate any possibility of trapping fingers
  • The finish on the metal hinge can be either anodised or brushed stainless steel
  • A variety of glass types / finishes can be used e.g. acid-etched SGG SATINOVO®, or extra-clear SGG DIAMANT®



CLIP-IN DOOR is suitable for glass of thickness of 10 or 12 mm:

  • Toughened
  • Toughened laminated

A wide range of decors are possible! Mirror, colour, printed…


Standards and Regulation

Fully tested to EN947 and EN948 (resistance to vertical loads and static torsion).


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