SGG VISION-LITE is an anti-reflective glass. Its high transparency provides perfect vision of objects. The observer’s view through the glass is not impaired by reflections from light or from the surrounding environment: he can clearly see the colour rendering and contrast.

SGG VISION-LITE anti-reflective coated glass is obtained by applying a series of transparent metallic oxide coatings to the surface of the glass under vacuum conditions. The anti-reflective effect is obtained when both sides of the single glazed glass have an anti-reflective coating. For double-glazed units, all 4 faces are treated with the anti-reflective coating.

Product Application

SGG VISION-LITE can be used in a wide variety of external and internal applications that are designed for optimum vision through glass.


  • Shop fronts, picture windows of restaurants
  • Control towers (airports, harbours)
  • Screens orpartitions to separate spectators in stadiums.


  • Windows and display-cabinets in museums, protective screens for paintings, display cabinets (shops, display areas)
  • Internal partitions (hospitals, clean rooms, control rooms)
  • Television studios (no reflection in front of the cameras)
  • Interpreter booths and recording studios.


  • Signage or advertising panels (railway stations, airports, etc.)
  • Machine control rooms on building sites (cranes, tractors).



  • Improved visibility: very low residual reflectance (approximately 8 times less reflection than conventional glass) and very high transparency levels.
  • Clarity of objects: better contrast and colour rendering.
  • Large sizes: SGG VISION-LITE is used for large shop windows and large picture windows.
  • Enhanced security: SGG VISION-LITE is available as SGG STADIP PROTECT laminated safety glass.
  • Cost savings: the transparency of SGG VISION-LITE and its very low light reflectance often reduces the need for sun visors outside shop windows and the requirement for artificial lighting.

Important note

The residual reflectance of SGG VISION-LITE anti-reflective glass is very low (approximately 1% in monolithic laminated). It is however still visible under certain lighting conditions, the surrounding environment and the angle of observation. The residual reflectance depends on the angle from which it is viewed. Perpendicular to the glass, it is slightly bluish and can vary slightly.

For external applications (eg: shop windows), large samples should be inspected in situ at the proposed location of use, prior to specification.


  • SGG VISION-LITE is available as SGG STADIP PROTECT laminated glass, produced on SGG DIAMANT extra clear glass.
  • Semi VISION-LITE is the monolithic glass which is used to produce SGG VISION-LITE laminated glass. It is the SGG DIAMANT extra clear glass which has an anti-reflective coating on one of the 2 faces. SGG VISION-LITE is obtained by assembling 2 sheets of Semi VISION-LITE.
  • Its to be tempered version is a monotlithic glass. The anti-reflective coating is applied on both surface 1 and 2.




Laminated Glass 44.1
Laminated Glass 1010.1
4 mm
10 mm
Light transmittance
LT (%)
97 95 97 95
Solar factor
0.85 0.82 0.85 0.79
Shading Coefficient
0.98 0.95 0.98 0.91
External light reflectance
LRe (%)
1 1 1 1
Internal light reflectance
LRi (%)
1 1 1 1
U-Value (EN 673)
5.7 5.3 5.7 5.5



The document entitled “SGGVISION-LITE, Assembly, Installation and Maintenance” provides all instructions concerning the precautions that must be taken for the installation and maintenance of SGG VISION-LITE glass.
In particular, please note the following:

SGG VISION-LITE must always be handled using clean gloves in order to protect the glass from fingerprints and dirt. The handling procedures are the same as SGG ANTELIO or SGG COOL-LITE CLASSIC coated glass, whilst remembering that both sides of the glass are coated.

• All tools (eg: suction cups) that come into contact with the coating must be cleaned regularly and must be free of particles, to avoid scratching and/or damaging the coating. Scratches are more visible on anti-reflective glass than on conventional clear glass, especially when light reflects off it and when viewed from a wide angle.

• After it has been installed, avoid using dangerous abrasive materials on the coating (eg: chalk or lime) to indicate the presence of the glass. This should be done by hanging up a notice, sign or marking strip above it. This sign must detail, in the correct language, the necessary precautions that must be taken (eg: The SGG VISION-LITE coating must not come into contact with a blunt or metal object that could scratch the glass).

• Do not paint information on the SGG VISION-LITE coating, or affix labels or films (eg. self-adhesive advertising labels). Only use electrostatic labels, with no adhesive.

• Once on-site, the glass must be protected from all knocks that may affect the coating (eg: cover the glazing with wooden panels).

- In overhead glazing, the anti-reflective coating should not be on the exterior face (face 1)
- For horizontal interior applications (museum display cabinets, shelves, tables etc), precautions must be taken to avoid frequent and excessive finger marks and the risk of scratching.

Standards and Regulation

SGG VISION-LITE (and Semi VISION-LITE) coated glass is manufactured in Saint-Gobain Glass factories in accordance with the requirements of class A of European standard EN 1096. It carries the relevant CE marking.

Processing Capabilities

SGGVISION-LITE can fulfil several functions:

  • Safety and security: SGG STADIP PROTECT laminated glass
  • Acoustic insulation: SGG STADIP SILENCE
  • Thermal insulation: SGG VISION-LITE can be assembled in insulated glass. The double-glazed unit consists of 2 sheets of SGG VISION-LITE laminated glass, with 4 faces treated with the anti-reflective coating. For enhanced thermal insulation, one of the laminated glass components can be replaced by a low emissivity glass.

SGGVISION-LITE is a coated glass which is treated on both sides. It must therefore be processed in compliance with certain instructions and precautions. See the document entitled: “SGGVISION-LITE, Instructions for use”.

SGG VISION-LITE coated glass (as well as Semi VISION-LITE glass) cannot be subjected to thermal processing such as toughening.

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