SGG SUPERCONTRYX is an amber-coloured glass containing 70% lead oxide. It significantly reduces ionising radiation (x and gamma rays).

Product Application

SGG SUPERCONTRYX should only be used inside buildings, in dry and heated conditions. It is used in medical or industrial radiology rooms with internal partitions, glazed screens, doors or windows.


SGG SUPERCONTRYX protects against X-rays and gamma rays whilst remaining transparent


Other thicknesses: Please contact SAINT-GOBAIN GLASS



The properties of SGG SUPERCONTRYX are due to a thick lead coating (giving protection against X-rays and gamma rays).


Other thicknesses: Please contact SAINT-GOBAIN GLASS

Acoustic Performance



SGG SUPERCONTRYX must be installed in compliance with current national regulations and standards.
The weight of the glass should be taken into account when handling, as it is nearly twice that of standard glass of the same thickness.

SGG SUPERCONTRYX is sensitive to oxidation. The use of detergents and spraying of water is prohibited. Clean and soft cloths should be used for maintenance and if required, a conventional glass-cleaning product.

SGG SUPERCONTRYX must be stored in a dry, heated area (between 7 and 40°C). When it is delivered, the impact and "this way up" indicators should be inspected. If they are red, the carrier should be notified immediately.

Standards and Regulation

SGG SUPERCONTRYX is produced in accordance with manufacturing standards BS EN 61331-2.

Processing Capabilities


  • laminated with SGG PLANILUX glass ( SGG STADIP SUPERCONTRYX)
  • laminated with fire-resistant glass SGG CONTRAFLAM ( SGG STADIP CONTRAFLAM SUPERCONTRYX)
  • assembled into double-glazing, where SGG SUPERCONTRYX is installed facing the inside of the building.


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