SGG STADIP COLOR is a coloured laminated glass, comprising at least two sheets of glass bonded together with a coloured Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB) interlayer from the VANCEVA™ Design* range.  Various transparent or translucent shades can be created by combining different coloured interlayers. The safety performance of SGG STADIP COLOR is identical to that of SGG STADIP or SGG STADIP PROTECT laminated glass of the same composition.

Product Application

SGG STADIP COLOR may be used in many applications in residential and non residential buildings (offices, shops, restaurants, hotels, exhibition stands, airports etc.).

  • In facades*: double-glazed units, spandrel panels, guarding.
  • Interiors: partitions, doorways, light wells and false ceilings, atria, overhead glazing, guarding, stair treads, floor panels, furniture.
  • SGG STADIP COLOR is suitable for external applications. However for colours requiring the yellow films (Golden Light and Sahara Sun), we recommend incorporating an additional clear PVB interlayer to avoid any discoloration due to UV radiation.



Numerous possibilities for coloured glass

SGG STADIP COLOR is used to create unique colours and effects for each project. Each colour is available either transparentm or translucent, opening the door to endless possibilities for interior design.

Colour and safety combined

SGG STADIP COLOR can be used in any application where the magic of coloured glass is combined with the performance of laminated glass.

Spectrophotometric performance

As for any PVB laminated glass, SGG STADIP COLOR filters UV radiation and improves the solar control performance of double-glazed units.


SGG STADIP COLOR is available in a very wide range of transparent or translucent colours. These are produced by combining up to 4 interlayers from 13 basic interlayers.

Maximum: 3210 x 2460 mm*
Minimum: 600 x 300 mm
Minimum: 6.4mm
Maximum: 39.5mm

* For 3 or more interlayer configurations maximum dimensions of 3210 x 1590mm

Glass substrate:

Other: SGG DIAMANT or any other glass that can be laminated .


The safety performance of SGG STADIP COLOR is identical to that of PVB laminated glass of the same composition.


(1) Laminated glass with a light diffusing, translucent PVB interlayer.  The values indicated are all according to Standard EN140 even though this is not strictly applied to this glass. The values given are an indication only . PVB RB 47 216500 (SGV 110)
(2) Two white diffusa interlayers



SGG STADIP COLOR must always be installed in accordance with current national regulations.

• Certain coloured interlayers must not be used in exterior applications. Please contact SAINT-GOBAIN GLASS for more information.

• In facades, please contact SAINT-GOBAIN GLASS to assess the thermal safety of the application and to determine whether toughened laminated components are required.

• Due to the method of fabrication, there may be slight variations in appearance between face 1 and face 2 of the assembly. Where SGG STADIP COLOR has a preferred viewing side and glazing orientation it will be indicated by a label on the glass in accordance with the client’s specification. For translucent colours, it is strongly recommended that a sample is approved before ordering and eventual glazing.


SGG STADIP COLOR should always be 4-edge supported in a frame when used as guarding.

• The mechanical performance of SGG STADIP COLOR is stable at temperatures between 10°C and 45°C.

Standards and Regulation

Products from the SGG STADIP COLOR range comply with standards BS EN 12543 and BS EN 14449. They will receive the relevant CE marking when it is officially in force.


Processing Capabilities

SGG STADIP COLOR can be processed in the same way as standard PVB laminated glass.

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