Over the past few years the glass and glazing industry has witnessed a growing trend towards clearer float glass substrates. This demand is being driven by the need for a more neutral appearance in both the Architectural (project) market and the Interior glass sector as well as the need for improved passive energy gain in the Residential window market.
For years, Saint-Gobain Glass manufactured SGG PLANILUX®, a high-quality clear glass. Now, Saint-Gobain Glass has improved its float glass offer by launching SGG PLANICLEAR®, a new standard float glass specification with lower iron content.
The lower iron content of SGG PLANICLEAR® reduces the level of absorption - thereby increasing the level of solar gain (g value). Increased passive solar heat gain can increase the overall energy balance of a window and lead to a positive impact on Window Energy Ratings. Re-simulating existing licenses is not necessary if both the g-value and u-value are equal to, or better, than the performance originally
SGG PLANICLEAR® also contributes to a higher level of Light transmission (LT). This helps to increase the level of natural daylight and reduces the need for artificial lighting – creating a more comfortable environment.
The lower iron content of SGG PLANICLEAR® reduces the level of green colouring so that the appearance is clearer and more neutral. This difference is particularly noticeable when viewing the edge of the glass.


Product Application

SGG PLANICLEAR® is available in an extensive range of thickness suitable for a wide variety of applications. It can be toughened or laminated for safety benefits or silvered to produce mirrors. It is also suitable for screen printing, acid etching, decoration, sand blasting, lacquering or edgeworking etc.
SGG PLANICLEAR® can be used in applications where strong levels of clarity and neutrality are required
• Windows and Doors
• Mirrors
• Laminated safety glass
• Interior applications
• Glass facades
• Partitions



SGG PLANICLEAR® is available in:
• Jumbo size (PLF) 6000 x 3210mm, DLF 2250 x 3210mm, DLF 2000 x 3210mm.
• Thicknesses: 2/3/4/5/6/8/10/12/15/19mm.
Characteristics and Performances of SGG product Range with SGG PLANICLEAR® is in CALUMEN II (certified software) in the next release.


• The spectrophotometric performance of SGG PLANICLEAR is given for:

- Single glazing, for all thicknesses;
- In SGG CLIMALIT double-glazed units and in SGG CLIMAPLUS enhanced thermal insulation double-glazed units, combined with an SGG PLANITHERM TOTAL low emissivity glass, for the most commonly used compositions.

• Acoustic performance

• The mechanical performance conforms to standard BS EN 572-2.


Standards and Regulation

SGG PLANICLEAR clear float glass conforms  to standard BS EN 572-2 and carries the relevant CE mark as required.

Processing Capabilities

SGG PLANICLAR is the substrate glass used for the manufacture of most other processed glass products: coated glass, mirrors, double-glazed units, laminated, toughened, screen-printed, decorated, acid-etched, sandblasted, lacquered, edgeworked etc.

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