OPALIT EVOLUTION is a translucent toughened enamelled glass produced by applying a layer of lead-free* translucent enamel. This enamel, which is fired at high temperature, is permanently fused to the surface of the glass.

* < 1000 ppm lead content in the enamel.

Product Application

OPALIT EVOLUTION has a frosted appearance. It is suitable for numerous applications, combining a contemporary appearance with all the advantages of toughened enamelled glass:

  • Partitions, shower screens, framed or unframed doors
  • Double-glazed units, translucent spandrel panels
  • Street furniture, signage
  • Furniture (tables, office furniture, shelves, cupboard doors etc).



Environmentally friendly

The use of lead-free and cadmium-free enamels protects the environment and ensures the glass is totally recyclable.


Soft colour options and privacy effects

OPALIT EVOLUTION transmits light and provides protection from direct view. The frosted appearance can be coloured to create stylish designs and effects.


Exceptional durability and safety
SGG OPALIT EVOLUTION has all the properties of toughened enamelled glass with a permanent colour.


OPALIT EVOLUTION is available in 3 pastel colours: Neutral, Blue and Green.

The colours may be applied using screen-printing in order to create coloured or non-coloured translucent patterns



Please note

The colours may vary slightly according to the thickness of the glass: to obtain a uniform colour, a single thickness of glass should be used for each elevation of run glazing. Likewise, there may be a very slight variation in colour between two production runs. It is therefore advisable to source the product for a project from the same production campaign.



OPALIT EVOLUTION must be installed in accordance with current national regulations. In single glazing, OPALIT EVOLUTION can be channel-glazed, adhesively-glazed, bolted or clamped. Care must be taken to avoid glass-to-glass and glass-to-metal contact. When sheets of OPALIT EVOLUTION are installed side by side there must be a minimum space of 3 mm between panes. In the interest of maintaining the original appearance of the product, OPALIT EVOLUTION should not be glazed with the enamelled side on face 1 of the façade.



To maintain its attractive appearance, OPALIT EVOLUTION must be regularly cleaned using neutral agents that do not contain harsh abrasive materials.

Standards and Regulation

OPALIT EVOLUTION is a toughened glass conforming to standard BS EN 12150.


Processing Capabilities

OPALIT EVOLUTION can be assembled into double-glazed units  for increased thermal insulation.

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