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Interior designers are making ever more frequent use of mirrors. Conventional silvered mirrors, however, are only of limited use in areas of extremely high air humidity. In addition, the increased resistance to mechanical and thermal stresses provided by safety glass is a requirement for certain applications – but silvered mirror coatings cannot be thermally toughened (tempered).

The solution is a non-silvered mirror – SGG MIRASTAR!

SGG MIRASTAR is a multiple-coating system containing chromium. The special characteristics of this coating make SGG MIRASTAR corrosion-proof as well as impervious to water vapour and cleaning agents: it can also in principle be thermally toughened to safety glass*. This product is  therefore fully suitable for use in conditions of unusual stresses.

* Radiation and convection heaters are suitable for these applications. Please contact the manufacturers of SGG MIRASTAR

  • Interior fittings: SGG MIRASTAR is the mirror of choice for applications where safety is a requirement, e.g. for partitions or wall panelling. This toughened glass product can also be used for bolted glass assembly with point-fixings.
  • Decoration: SGG MIRASTAR can be partially coated or screen-printed. This makes it particularly suitable for decorative applications, both inside and outside.
  • One-way mirror: SGG MIRASTAR is in fact not completely opaque, and can thus be used as a one-way mirror under certain lighting conditions. If the other room is darker, the glass produces a mirror effect on the side of the area to be supervised, making it possible to see through the glass unobserved.
  • Doors: as a complete door system or as door sections with a one-way mirror function: SGG MIRASTAR opens up walkways, either as toughened glass or as laminated safety glass!
  • Indoor swimming pools, bathroom/toilet areas: SGG MIRASTAR mirrors are an optimal solution for humid areas: in addition to its use in private houses, SGG MIRASTAR can also be used for mirror effects on larger wall surfaces in areas of extreme humidity, or where disinfection or cleaning agents are to be employed.
  • Trade fairs and shopfitting: whether for partitions, shelf systems, furniture or escalator panelling, SGG MIRASTAR sets the tone!
  • Facades: SGG MIRASTAR elements can also be used outside, e. g. for cladding purposes, spandrel areas or glass louvres.


Processing Capabilities

In principle, the coating of SGG MIRASTAR can be thermally toughened*, even on the pulley roll side. Chromium mirror glass can therefore be converted to toughened glass, giving it a huge advantage over conventional silvered mirrors!
Wet treatment and surface processing (grinding, drilling, engraving or screen printing) are possible as well as its fabrication to laminated safety glass.
The coatings are applied using a magnetron process. Their scratch resistance and hardness are however equivalent to pyrolytic hard coatings.

The glass has passed the following tests:

  • Taber test
  • Erichsen test
  •  Condensation resistance
  • Acid water resistance
  • Resistance to neutral salt spray

Reflectance: coating side: ≥ 58 %**
Transmission: 3 %**

* Radiation and convection heaters are suitable for these applications. Please contact the manufacturers of SGG MIRASTAR.
** +/- 1 %

Please ensure that SGG MIRASTAR is only used for its intended purpose. In case of doubt please contact the manufacturer directly.

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