SGG CREA-LITE is manufactured by softening clear or body-tinted glass at high temperature. It is generally created using a thick base glass and its surface characteristics vary according to the substrates used.

SGG CREA-LITE is produced exclusively to order. The manufacturing process makes it possible to create any type of pattern ( SGG CREA-LITE RELIEF) and to experiment with colour and transparency ( SGG CREA-LITE FUSED).

Product Application

  • Interiors: tables, glass counter tops, fixed or sliding partitions, doors, feature glazing.
  • Exteriors: decorative glass and double-glazing.



An original and unique design, developed for each project

A modern-day alternative to stained glass, by fusing different coloured shapes that are translucent and vibrant.


Combining technology with craftsmanship

Unique appearance, whilst maintaining the inherent qualities (consistancy of shape and colour, dimensional stability, easy maintenance) and versatility (cutting and drilling before forming, double-glazed units and for certain types of SGG CREA-LITE, toughening and lamination) of glass.


  • SGG CREA-LITE RELIEF is a single-colour glass produced by thermo-forming clear or body-tinted glass.
  • SGG CREA-LITE FUSED is produced by fusing glass of different colours. The combination of different base glasses and colours can produce dramatic visual effects. The FUSING COLOR range from SAINT-JUST offers a wide range of coloured glasses compatible with this technique.

Please contact SAINT-GOBAIN GLASS for more information.


Standards and Regulation

SGG CREA-LITE must be installed as ordinary clear glass of the same nominal thickness (overall thickness is based on that of the backing glass panel) and must always comply with current national regulations.

Processing Capabilities

  • SGG CREA-LITE must be cut to shape and drilled before thermo-forming.
  • SGG CREA-LITE can be assembled into double-glazed units ( SGG CLIMAPLUS DESIGN).
  • Where there is a requirement for safety glass, e.g. showers, doors, certain types of SGG CREA-LITE can be toughened.
  • For wall cladding or panelling applications, certain types of SGG CREA-LITE RELIEF can also be enamelled.

For all processes, please contact SAINT-GOBAIN GLASS.

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