SGG COOL-LITE XTREME is the latest addition to high performance solar control coatings. The SGG COOL-LITE XTREME series have the highest selectivity (the ratio of visible light to solar heat gain) in the SAINT-GOBAIN GLASS range.


Product Application

SGG COOL-LITE XTREME coatings are extremely selective solar control coatings for use in the commercial and high end building market. Due to the high performance of the coating, it is ideally suited to façade or overhead glazing in applications requiring annealed and toughened or heat treated glass.



This revolutionary product combines 5 major advantages for architects and project owners:

  • SGG COOL-LITE XTREME is becoming a new standard in high selectivity solar control, while retaining the very neutral aesthetics associated with the SGG COOL-LITE range with:
  • a high light transmission to create brighter interiors and year round natural lighting
  • a low solar factor to reduce the burden on costly air-conditioning
  • an excellent U-value of 1.0W/m2K making it the ideal product for energy savings and improved thermal insulation
  • a high degree of neutrality both in transmission and exterior reflection SGG COOL-LITE XTREME can be used to create more comfortable interiors by reducing overheating in the summer and heat loss in the winter, while retaining an extremely neutral appearance



• Standard thickness:

6 – 8 – 10 mm

• Substrate:

– clear float SGG PLANICLEAR

– extra clear glass SGG DIAMANT

• Size:

– Jumbo size and split sizes

– Overlength until 18.000 cm possible on request



Product Light transmittance LT (%) Solar factor g External light reflectance LRe (%) Internal light reflectance LRi (%) U-Value (EN 673)
SGG COOL-LITE XTREME (DGU 6-16-6)         16mm argon
SGG COOL-LITE XTREME 70/33 (II)2 + PLANICLEAR 70 0,33 11 13 1,0
SGG COOL-LITE XTREME 60/28 (II)2 + PLANICLEAR 60 0,28 14 17 1,0
SGG COOL-LITE XTREME 50/22 II2 + PLANICLEAR (* 47 0,21 16 18 1,0

Index numbers 1,3 indicate coating's position on the different glass surfaces.
(* only available in to-be-tempered coatings (II) due to risk of thermal breakages if annealed. 



In facades, SGG COOL-LITE XTREME must be glazed with the coating on face 2 (facing towards the interior of the building).
SGG COOL-LITE XTREME must be glazed in accordance with current national standards. The setting and location of the glass, the permitted deflection for the frames of insulated glass units and the dimensions of channels are not specific to SGG COOL-LITE XTREME glass.
SGG COOL-LITE XTREME glass can be installed in exterior bolted glass assemblies.
SGG COOL-LITE XTREME glass can be installed in exterior structural sealant glazing.
SGG COOL-LITE XTREME coatings are always edge-deleted and must be assembled into a double-glazed unit. As a result the appearance around the edge must be considered.
• Glass processors and installers must check that all mastics and sealants are compatible with the coating, both for assembly into double-glazing and for traditional installation or use in exterior structural sealant glazing.


• Like all coated glass, SGG COOL-LITE XTREME may distort reflected images to some extent, especially if it is toughened, installed into a double-glazed unit, channel-glazed, etc. The appearance of the glass may show some variations inherent to the product, depending on the distance and angle of observation and the ratio of internal and external lighting of the building.
• Likewise, as with all coated solar control glasses, slight variations in the reflected colour are considered to be normal.

For further information, see the document entitled " SGG COOL-LITE, Instructions for use".


Standards and Regulation

SGG COOL-LITE XTREME coated glass produced and processed in Saint-Gobain Glass factories and subsidiaries complies with the requirements of European standard BS EN1096.


Processing Capabilities

For optimum performance and aesthetics SGG COOL-LITE XTREME series coatings must be edge-deleted and should always be positioned on face 2 of a double-glazed unit.
SGG COOL-LITE XTREME II must always be toughened or heat-strengthened before assembly into a double- or triple-glazed unit with the coated surface to the inside of the external pane. Annealed and toughened SGG COOL-LITE XTREME can be used side-by-side in the same façade, though there can be slight colour variations. If both glass types are intended for use together in one façade, SGG recommends the use of samples to observe and evaluate the matching. For more information, we have the SGG COOL-LITE XTREME handling guidelines. This document is not downloadable but can be requested by contacting us.

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