CONTOUR curved glass is produced in a horizontal mould. The glass is gradually heated to approximately 600°C, at which point the glass softens and takes the shape of the mould in order to obtain the desired bending radius. CONTOUR is the annealed glass version and CONTOUR SECURIT is the toughened glass version.



Product Application

Curved glass can be used for internal and external applications:

  •  Glazed partitions
  • Shower screens
  • Furniture
  • Revolving doors
  • Counter tops
  • Lifts
  • Guarding and balustrades
  • Street furniture
  • Glazing in façades
  • Commercial frontages
  • Atriums, canopies

Curved glass is available annealed, toughened or laminated or can be assembled into double-glazing units, depending on the requirements of each application.



CONTOUR glass creates harmonious space structuring for interior design purposes. In outside areas, the curve of the glass means that adventurous outlines become possible: the angles of façades, roofing, doors and display windows.



CONTOUR / CONTOUR SECURIT can be produced using:

  • SGG PLANILUX clear glass
  • SGG DIAMANT extra clear glass
  • SGG PARSOL body-tinted glass
  • SGG COOL-LITE ST and SGG ANTELIO solar control glass
  • Textured glass from the SGG MASTERGLASS range and some patterns from the SGG DECORGLASS range


(1) Total thickness of the laminated glass
            (2) Different thicknesses available upon request


(1) Minimum 2 mm
(2) The tolerance on warping is
measured inrelation to a float surface



The spectrophotometric performance of CONTOUR / CONTOUR SECURIT is identical to float glass of the same composition and thickness.



CONTOUR / CONTOUR SECURIT must be installed in strict accordance with the installation guidelines provided by our technical department. Amongst others, the width of the channels in the frame must be:

  • at least twice the thickness of the glass
  • or at least the same thickness as the glass, plus 10 mm, plus the thickness that is needed to produce a peripheral seal (preformed or filled with silicone).

CONTOUR / CONTOUR SECURIT should always be installed in accordance with current national regulations. As a general rule, CONTOUR is installed in accordance with the installation instructions for SGG SECURIT toughened glass.

Processing Capabilities


  • Laminated
    • CONTOUR: using all types of PVB (PVB, PVB(A), PVB from the SGG STADIP COLOR range, etc.)
    • CONTOUR SECURIT: only with resin
  • Assembled into double-glazed units
  • Edge-worked, drilled and notched (only before curving)
  • Sandblasted and acid etched
  • Screen-printed (only before curving)

Caution: only CONTOUR SECURIT will be a toughened screen-printed glass.


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