ELECTROCHROME is a double or triple isolating transparent glazing in which the color, from clear tinted to dark, is electronically-controlled.

ELECTROCHROME allows adjustment of light and heat at will directed towards the interior of the space which it covers, according to the amount of sunshine, the season or simply at the user’s request.

Electrochrome glass is manufactured and will be supplied by our Sage Glass brand.


Product Application

Like a transparent second skin, ELECTROCHROME glass excels at the functional optimization of glazed surfaces which are exposed to light, most notably for atriums, lobbies, verandas and sun rooms.

Many applications are possible, such as:
• Penthouses and villas
• Hotels and restaurants
• Service or residential buildings
• Transportation, yachts and cruise ships
• Museography




Requiring no indoor or outdoor blinds and minimizing the need for energy-consuming devices such as air conditioners or heaters, ELECTROCHROME regulates ambient light and thermal comfort – significantly and in real time, while leaving totally unobstructed views.

• Unrivaled optimization of glass surfaces exposed to the sun

• Significant savings in energy (lighting, air conditioning, heating) and construction (blinds, fans, etc.) costs

•Atmospheric comfort: modulation of heat and light transmission depending on ambient sunshine and temperature

• Exceptional speed, silence, and simplicity in the change of state

• Outstanding UV shading and acoustic protection

• Permanent transparency and unobstructed views with a reduction of glare

• Reliability over time - several years of experience in the high-tech automotive sector

• “Plug & Play” installation requiring no more than two QUANTUM GLASS™ certified contractors

• An international network of certified installers + the guarantee of Saint-Gobain

Processing Capabilities


Under the effect of a low-voltage electric current, the ultra-thin layers of tungsten, sputtered onto the glazing in a controlled atmosphere, turn (through oxidation-reduction) to a shade of dark blue whose intensity depends on the duration of stimulation, and later, once deactivated by reversing the polarity, return to their initial clear state.


The low current needed for the switch is carried by wires invisible to the naked eye, incorporated in the glazing which always remains transparent, regardless of its color.


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