E-GLAS is a double or triple isolating glazing which emits electronically-controlled radiant heat. E-GLAS is an integrated and invisible heating solution. It allows for increased visual and thermal indoor comfort. At the same time, it resolves structural problems of maintenance and visibility linked to condensation or snow.


Product Application

No more glass roofs crushed under the weight of snow. Snow now melts on contact with E-GLAS.
No more condensation on the glass whcih stays clear and dry.
No more radiators encroaching on precious space, or blocking windows which now keep interiors warm.

At last, complete transparency and inviting glass architectures are both possible!

Many applications are possible, such as:

  • glass roofs, verandas, glass archways, domes, awnings, mezzanines, greenhouses, store fronts, and large picture windows.
  • swimming pools, spas, saunas, cloak rooms, bathrooms and other humid areas
  • lobbies, atriums, and other indoor spaces found in homes, hotels, offices, commercial centers, boutiques and factories
  • whether in train stations, airports, cultural and sports fixtures, street furnishings or ship buildin

It is ideal for low-energy consumption construction.



E-GLAS introduces us to a world of total transparency and warm, inviting   glass architecture: no more glass roofs buckling under the weight of snow; no more clouded up windows; no more radiatorsto block views and waste warmth or space.


• Total and uninterrupted enjoyment of landscape and sky in all climates

• Physical design integrity in the natural environment

• System security and durability: more than 20 years’ experience in extreme climates

• Multiple applications:
- Heating: space-saving and esthetically pleasing, eliminating the need for radiators
- Anti-condensation: cleanness and transparency of the glass
- Snow melting: freedom to increase window surface area and interior light; an end to added weight, obstructed light, chemicals, falling snow and ice

• Eco-footprint: recyclable components, minimal thermal loss, reduced CO2 emissions

• “Plug & Play” installation requiring no more than two QUANTUM GLASS™ certified contractors

• An international network of certified installers - the guarantee of Saint-Gobain 



The “heating” surface of the double or triple glazing is low-emissivity glass: when stimulated by electrodes, tin oxide thinly coated over the inner face, on the side of the vacuum (filled with Argon), radiates heat toward the opposite face.

Heating performance

 1) These values may vary depending on the exterior temperature


Thermal performance

If assembled into a double-glazed unit, E-GLAS is nearly 3 times more thermally efficient than standard double-glazing (U-value as low as 1.1 W/m2.K compared with 2.9 W/m2.K for an ordinary double-glazed unit).



E-GLAS is always designed and installed on a case by case basis. It must be the subject of a specific study, taking all national regulations into consideration. The installation instructions and connection diagram for the glass are supplied on delivery.

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