House Windows - Day light comfort

Enjoy more natural light and space at home with large windows and decrease the use of artificial light during day-time. Getting more day-light, you feel better. Day-light is commonly defined as the combination of all direct and indirect sunlight during daytime and contribute to your comfort.

How does it work

The high transparent glass or larger size of the windows enables a better illumination of your indoor space. Your Day-light Comfort can also be increased if you take into consideration the geographic location of your home, as well as the orientation and the size of your windows.


  • Reduces the use of artificial lighting: thanks to Saint-Gobain Glass high-performance glazing, you increase the glazing surface and opening of your window. You let more light come in.
  • Has a positive impact on your health: several international scientific studies have shown the healthy effect of natural day-lighting on human-beings
  • Improves your sleep: a better quality of your sleep is a recognized consequence of a good day-lighting of your interior
  • Gives you the feeling of being outside when being inside: with Saint-Gobain Glass high-performance glazing and the gained glazing surface, you benefit of a better and closer contact to the outdoor for more well-being and comfort
  • Benefits from large windows while keeping comfortable interior temperature