House Windows - Energy savings

High-performance glazing can significantly improve your energy consumption and help reduce your heating, cooling and lighting costs when compared to ordinary single or double glazed window.

How does it work

Thanks to Saint-Gobain Glass high performance glazing, there is much less heating or cooling necessary hence you can reduce your energy consumption and your energy bills. This optimum can even be increased if you take into consideration the geographic location of your home and the orientation and size of your windows.


  • Optimize and reduce your energy consumption: thanks to a better energy balance in winter and more day-light you need less energy to feel good at home.
  • Limit solar heat gain and reduce the reliance and expenditure on cooling if you live in a warm area.
  • Reduce the costs of your energy bills: as you consume less energy, you benefit from an obvious reduction in your energy bill and CO2 emissions.
  • Improve energy efficiency: the reduction of your energy consumption as well as your energy bill is at the heart of real sustainable commitment.

Try the Glass Compass to get the best high-performance glass according to the location and design of your home. Glass Compass will also measure your overall cost savings.