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Solar control glass is typically used to prevent excess heat build up in areas where large amounts of glass are used. For example glass roofs, south-facing elevations. The choice of product is then dependent on the level of performance and appearance requirements, e.g. very reflective, coloured , neutral etc.

The solar factor (or g-value) measures the percentage of heat that passes through the glass. The lower the solar factor the higher the solar protection and therefore the higher the performance of the solar control glass.

A solar control glass is a glass with a special coating designed to reduce the amount of heat entering a building. It reflects and absorbs heat as well as filtering light for reduced glare.Using a solar control glass can reduce the need for air-conditioning and blinds. There are many types of solar control glass offering different aesthetic options; tinted, reflective and neutral.

There are three major considerations regarding solar control glazing:

- the reduction of solar energy heat gain to achieve the lowest possible solar factor

-the control of heat transfer from the outside to the interior by means of the lowest U-value possible

-to achieve a good level of natural daylight through the highest light transmittance value possible

Saint Gobain Glass offers a comprehensive range of solar control glasses, providing varying performance and appearance options for individual applications.