SAINT-GOBAIN GLASS CHINA developed a network of independent processing partners. This network is called SGG CLIMALIT®, and is referring to 3 specific names: SGG CLIMALIT®, SGG CLIMAPLUS®, SGG CLIMASUMMIT.


To ensure the high quality of our processing partners, before they join the club, SGG CHINA is conducting an audit on their processing facilities, technology and quality level. All CP members are assessed by our technical department. As per this assessment they are then attributed a ranking from SGG CLIMALIT®, referring to the entry level in our network, up to the SGG CLIMASUMMIT*****, referring to the highest quality and performance level.


SGG CHINA provides training and support to this network based on advanced glass processing technology from Europe. Qualification of club members will be evaluated once a year in both Chinese and English, and the certificate is valid for 1 year only.


In China, clear glass, tinted glass and coated glass produced by Saint Gobain are in line with international quality standard of SAINT GOBAIN, and all the products are qualified with the technical & quality criterion not only in European but also in China.