THERMOVIT ELEGANCE is a thermo-regulated heating panel made of clear, mirror customized glass. The heat is generated electrically by a conductive thermal coating applied to one of the two laminated extra clear ( SGG DIAMANT) sheets of glass.

THERMOVIT ELEGANCE is a solution of an unparalleled aesthetic which emits a radiant heat, similar to the thermal radiation from the sun. A remote controlled wireless thermostat minimises energy consumption.


Because of its transparency and a malleable aesthetic, THERMOVIT ELEGANCE can be employed in a variety of ways: it can be placed in front of windows, integrated in a glazed partition or can be added to a decor, integrated in a balustrade, a towel dryer or in a heated mirror.

It is well-suited to living or more humid environments, such as:

  • Villas, homes and penthouses
  • Hotels, boutiques, spas and fitness centers
  • Verandas and greenhouses
  • Ancient restoration sites




Perfect for signature applications, THERMOVIT ELEGANCE can serve as an elegant, virtually invisible or graphically discreet space heater (in front of windows, as a glass partition or decorative element, etc.), a towel-dryer or a mirror.

• Outstanding efficiency:    100% restoration of electrical energy consumed into heat

• Easy working: no need for sophisticated domotics or transformers for optimum functioning

• Esthetic and functional adaptability:
- Visual neutrality or graphic elegance
- Endless potential for personalization as space heaters, heated mirrors, signature towel dryers, etc.

• Absence of:
- drafts, risks for allergy-sufferers,  dryness in ambient air
- maintenance
- piping, heaters, furnace installations

• “Plug & Play” installation limited to a single certified contractor

• Reliable, totally safe technology tried and tested for over six years

• An international network of certified installers   + the guarantee of Saint-Gobain


THERMOVIT ELEGANCE is available in four different dimensions and power outputs.


The THERMOVIT ELEGANCE system incorporates the following components:

• The heating element: 13 mm laminated safety glass, consisting of two sheets of toughened glass, each 6 mm in thickness, assembled using a 0.76 mm polyvinyl butyral (PVB) interlayer

• A control box on the rear of the radiator, which houses the microprocessor for the control of the radiator and the transmitter for communication with the remote control thermostat

• Stainless steel supports to either:

- stand the radiator on the floor, enabling it to be relocated
- fix the radiator permanently to the floor
- fix the radiator permanently to the wall (four stainless steel cylindrical fixings. Distance 50 mm from the wall)

• Towel rail accessories (optional)


Technical data

• Supply voltage: 220 V / 230 V
• Maximum heating capacity: 1000 W/m²
• No transformer required
• It is possible to connect several radiators to the same thermostat
• Range of remote control: approximately 20 m

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