SGG PLANITHERM ULTRA N is a high performance low-E coated glass, to be processed into an insulating glass unit.  It is made of clar float glass on which a thin transparent coating has been deposited by magnetron sputtering under vacuum. The coating reflects the far infrared radiation thus limiting the heat transfer by radiation.


SGG PLANITHERM ULTRA N, low-E coated glass, can be used in all insulating glass units, for new construction or refurbishment works:

  • windows in domestic buildings
  • conservatories and patio doors
  • windows and façades in non residential buildings

It can be incorporated in all types of frames.


SGG PLANITHERM ULTRA N offers up to three times more thermal insulation compared to a standard non low-E double glazing unit.

  • Money savings in all climates
  • Great comfort level:
    • No cold area around windows
    • Maximal use of living areas
    • Great reduction of condensation levels on the inner pane
  • High light and solar transmission maximizing the entry of natural light and energy into buildings
  • Large architectural possibilities (neutral appearance)
  • Environmentally-friendly thanks to the CO2 emission reduction



Monolithic glass

• Thickness:
from 3 mm to 12 mm


• Substrate:

- clear float SGG PLANILUX
- extra-clear float SGG DIAMANT


• Size:

- split sizes and Jumbo sizes (6,000 mm x 3,210 mm)


• To be tempered version:

Once tempered, this glass has the same radiation properties as the annealed SGG PLANITHERM ULTRA N.


Laminated safety glass

• Numerous possibilities of compositions, including one or more PVB interlayer foils

• Acoustic laminated glass SGG STADIP SILENCE


New product


DGU 6+12+6mm on SGG PLANILUX 

Product Light transmittance LT (%) Solar factor g Shading coefficient (SC) External light reflectance LRe (%) Internal light reflectance LRi (%) U-Value (EN 673)
            12mm air  16mm argon
SGG PLANITHERM   ULTRA N  78 0.60 0.69 12 12 1.6 1.1
SGG PLANITHERM   ULTRA N DIAMANT 81 0.64 0.74 12 13 1.6 1.1



SGG PLANITHERM ULTRA N should always be processed into an insulating glass unit. The coating along the edge is removed then placed inside the cavity, in face 2 or 3. It can be tempered (in the case of the post-temperable version) or laminated prior to its manufacture in IGU. Please read our guidance for use.

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