SGG MIRALITE CONTRAST has a silvered or metallic  appearance, which is obtained by silvering a textured or acid-etched glass



SGG MIRALITE CONTRAST is suitable for all interior areas, including humid rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens,as well as commercial buildings, hotels, offices, museums, theatres and cinemas:

- Wall panelling
- Furniture
- Cupboard or cabinet doors.



Show-room Ligne Roset, Paris, France


Light, contemporary metallic appearance

SGG MIRALITE CONTRAST has a deep, uniform metallic appearance ( SGG SATINOVO CONTRAST) or a raised, patterned appearance. SGG MASTER-CARRE CONTRAST and SGG MASTER-LENS CONTRAST).
Its appearance contrasts with other materials used in interiors (wood, stone, textiles) and its brilliance contributes to luxurious interiors.



The silvered coating is protected by the glass, permitting a durability similar to that of a conventional mirror (durability conforming to standard BS EN 1036).


Safe and easy to install

SGG MIRALITE CONTRAST is as simple to install as a mirror. To comply with the safety requirements of certain applications, SGG SATINOVO CONTRAST can be supplied with a safety film backing applied to the reverse side of the glass (please contact SAINT-GOBAIN GLASS). Due to the quality of the lacquer, additional protective backing e.g. metal foil, need not be applied to the lacquered surface.


There are three versions of the SGG MIRALITE CONTRAST range.

SGG SATINOVO CONTRAST (4 mm 3210 x 2550 mm, 6 mm 3210 x 2400 mm)
SGG MASTER-CARRE CONTRAST (4 and 6 mm in 3210 x 2000 mm)
SGG MASTER-LENS CONTRAST (4 and 6 mm in 3210 x 2000 mm)
Weight per unit area: 10kg/m2 in 4mm, 15kg/m2 in 6mm

Other thicknesses and dimensions:

Please contact SAINT-GOBAIN GLASS.

Different versions may be developed on request, using the SGG SATINOVO, SGG MASTERGLASS and

SGG DECORGLASS ranges (please contact SAINT-GOBAIN GLASS).




SGG MIRALITE CONTRAST must only be installed indoors and in accordance with current national regulations and good practice.

SGG MIRALITE CONTRAST is installed in the same way as conventional SGG MIRALITE EVOLUTION silvered glass:

- Mechanically fixed, in channels or using point-fixings
- Adhesive fixing, using double-sided adhesive pads, neutral glues or alcohol or oxime based neutral silicone (if in doubt please test the compatibility of the adhesive and the silvered backing).


Safety: SGG SATINOVO CONTRAST is also available in a SAFE version

• A special safety film is applied to the reverse side of the silvered glass. If the glass is broken, the film holds the
fragments of glass in place, thus reducing the risk of injury.
SGG SATINOVO CONTRAST SAFE complies with standard BS EN12600, class 2B2.



• Mechanical fixing
• Fixing with suitable double-sided adhesive pads or tape. If the product is adhesively glazed, mechanical supports should be used in conjunction with the adhesive fixing.
• Silicone fixing must not be used.



SGG MIRALITE CONTRAST can be cut, edgeworked and drilled in the same way as a conventional mirror.

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