LEDinGLASS is a glass that animates itself through the dynamic interplay of light and color. This system offers an infinite number of possibilities both indoor and outdoor to create an interactive and dynamic architecture, to create ambiance and to showcase objects, or to create communication supports (i.e. walls, media façades, etc.).

• Assistance in the conceptualization and programming of possible set ups
• Simplicity of the remote control design and pre-programming
• Simplified maintenance

• Instantaneous
• Homogeneous lighting
• Relative transparency while in the 'off' position


In bringing glass to life by using lighting and color - both during the day as well as at night - LEDinGLASS uses a variety of indoor supports (vertical separation, floors, ceilings, doors, furnishings, fitting rooms, etc.) and outdoor supports (store windows, double glazed walls, façade bay windows, urban furnishings, etc.).

Many applications are possible, such as:

• Shopping centres, department stores, showrooms and boutiques
• Bars, discotheques, restaurants, hotels and cruise ships
• Museums, galleries, exhibition stands and scenic decorations
• Palliative care units, doctor's and dentists offices, fitness centres and spas
• Stadiums, gymnasiums, pools and sports centres
• Theatres, cinemas, auditoriums and convention centres
• Corporate headquarters, agencies and administration buildings
• Train stations, airport terminals, toll booths, bus stops




LEDinGLASS can animate all types of glass both indoors and outdoors

• A concept that integrates turnkey hardware and personalized software

Animation of all types of glass both indoors and outdoors

Component traceability, allowing for identical replacement in the future

• A seemingly invisible light source for infinite design options by day and by night


>> Silent, instantaneous change of state
>> Simplified maintenance and pre-programming
>> Assistance in design and programming of scenarios


“Plug & Play” installation requiring no more than two QUANTUM GLASS™ certified contractors

High-prestige clients and references

• An international network of certified installers + the guarantee of Saint-Gobain




One or more RGB LED bars direct a light beam through the edge of a sheet of extra-clear glass which is refracted out of the front side by white enamel dots screenprinted on the back side.

A digital remote control pilots the electronic control box(es) connected to the bars in real time, according to standard or designed-to-order programs.

The individually stimulated LEDs can generate infinite colors and special effects. When turned off, the glass remains transparent.


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