Step 3: Eco-Innovate

Eco-innovation is Saint-Gobain's innovation policy to develop products and solutions with a lower environmental impact and which help reduce the environmental impacts of buildings, over their entire Life Cycle.


The environmental footprint of the lead-free mirror SGG MIRALITE ® EVOLUTION has been reduced by working on every step of its Life Cycle, right from the very beginning of its creation:

  1. Raw materials
    Miralite Revolution
    Recycled glass (cullet) represents 30% of the composition of the mirror. And 1 ton of recycled glass means 255 to 300 kg less CO2 emissions!

  2. Logistics

    Our objective was simple: minimize the kilometers covered and CO2 emissions. The mirrors are produced on the same site as the glass; and the factories are located near the customers.

  3. Environment and health

    No lead is added in this mirror. It has a tiny concentration of natural lead, well below the levels specified by all current regulations. And this was the aim from the very beginning of the innovation process.

  4. Environment and health

    SGG MIRALITE ® REVOLUTION is also remarkable due to its very low emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) and formaldehyde.

  5. Durability and quality

    MIRALITE ® REVOLUTION offers an environmentally-friendly alternative, while retaining the technical performance of Saint-Gobain Glass mirrors: excellent durability features exceeding standard requirements (on corrosion).
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